Despite the fact that the first Ford Mustang was designed and built in the USA in mid 1964, there are still a handful of these iconic American cars driving around Cape Town today. With the relaxed seaside atmosphere and easy going attitude, the culture of the Ford Mustang in Cape Town resembles that of a Californian lifestyle.  Cruising along the coastal roads with the low rumble of the Ford Mustang V8 under the hood takes one back to a bygone era where Detroit Motor Car Companies were building cars with passion and care. Ford Mustang and Cape Town are united in sharing the spirit of freedom and excitement that is now synonymous with South Africa.


Hiring this 1969 Ford Mustang Fastback in Cape Town for a Matric Dance is a great way to make a one-of-a-kind statement and experience a true American cult icon in the Western Cape. Enjoy the true grit of an American Muscle car and offer your Matric Dance partner the trip of a lifetime. What better way to experience the end of your school career in the pinnacle of classic car V8 power in Cape Town.  Hire this Mustang and feel like you are on the streets of New York or Los Angeles as you and your partner head towards your Cape Town Matric Dance venue. This chauffeur driven Ford Mustang has already escorted many High School students to their Matric Dances.  The responsible owner/driver ensures safety and reliability for all those enjoying the ride.


This 1969 Ford Mustang is available in the Cape Town area for photo shoots as long as the owner/driver accompanies the photographer/director. This particular Mustang has already featured in some leading local and national classic car magazines.  The car can be used in Cape Town for glossy upmarket magazine photo shoots, 1960’s or 1970’s era correct photo shoots or just simply add some American muscle car glamour and realism to a photo shoot.  This Mustang is all original and the owner has tried to keep the car as authentic and original as the day it rolled off the production line in the USA. The car has the historical smell and feel of a legendary period of time that changed the face of motoring forever. Real chrome, original black leather, 351ci V8, 3 speed manual. Enough said.


This original muscle car is available for hire with a driver in Cape Town, South Africa for Matric Dances, Weddings and both Local and International photographic and film shoots. Whether it is for a glossy fashion shoot or an international film on location in SA, this authentic American icon is available. Rates to be discussed with owner.

“The 1969 Mustang Fastback is an iconic cult car that will never be replicated. It is a piece of history from the USA and is comparable with major American icons like Hollywood stars James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and Steve McQueen – to name but a few. Driving the Mustang in Cape Town is like taking a trip down USA memory lane. True American grit and passion.”


Hire this car for:  Matric Dance’s | Corporate functions | Weddings | Photo shoots | TV commercial’s | Just to have a look