With the advent of Covid, it has been quite some time since the Mustang had a Matric Dance to celebrate. With the easing of Covid restrictions, there seems to be a lot more interest and Matric Dances once again and with this, a lot more Mustang requests!

On 29 September 2021, the Matric Dance for DF Malan High School took place at Eensgezind Function Venue and was nice to see the youngsters excited and enjoying their final year at High School. Protocols were still in place so there were no parents and external partners allowed to attend, but the students were al lexcited and seemed to be making the most of it.

Anton and his family were thrilled to be in the company of the 60 Mustang and this was really fulfilling Anton’s dream which was always to go to his Matric Dance in a classic Mustang. According to his Mom, his passion for the classic Mustang started at a very young age and it was great to see him smiling form ear to ear!

The entire family seemed to enjoyed the experience and a lot of classic photos were taken at a guesthouse reasonably close to the venue. Anton had a great trip from the guesthouse to the venue and could not stop smiling. He is a very nice young man and 69Mustang wishes him all the best and future success in whatever he chooses to do.