As a young boy growing up in Cape Town, South Africa, and having been exposed to the world of V8 American Muscle cars, Matthew Scher developed a keen interest and passion specifically for the Ford Mustang. Despite the fact that finding a rust free Mustang in Cape Town was like looking for a needle in a haystack, it was in 2003 that the opportunity arose. There was mechanical work to be done on the car but the body was 100% straight with no bodyfiller or rust to be seen.  This being a rarity in Cape Town with the salty sea air. In addition to allowing others to hire the Mustang for Matric Dances, Weddings and Photo shoots, Matthew enjoys taking his car for a chilled cruise to wherever the road might lead.


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2021 Groot Schuur High School – Matric Dance


Saturday 11 December, 2021 saw the Mustang out and about and involved in yet another Matric Dance – Groote Schuur High School. The dance venue was organised at the internationally acclaimed CTICC.

The Mustang arrived on […]

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2021 Herschel High School – Matric Dance


Saturday 09 October, 2021 produced another spectacular Cape Town day with clear skies and warm weather allowing the Mustang to happily roar along the highway to the Matric Dance pickup in Bishops Court. The dance […]

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2021 DF Malan high school – Matric Dance


With the advent of Covid, it has been quite some time since the Mustang had a Matric Dance to celebrate. With the easing of Covid restrictions, there seems to be a lot more interest and […]

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